Recess is Back


At CrossFit Kids Chickasaw, we specialize in not specializing.  Our workouts are designed to get kids moving in all the ways kids love to move—throwing, pushing, pulling, jumping, lifting, and climbing. Fitness in our gym is fun and innovative. No two workouts are the same. 

Using a combination of games, skill practice, and exercise we help kids of all athletic abilities to build strength, agility and conditioning. Our generalist approach can prevent sport specific injuries and prepare kids for a lifetime of fitness. 

If this sounds a lot like recess, well it is. The only difference is our inclusive, structured and positive approach use play to hone movement skills. 



The foundation of every CrossFit Kids Chickasaw class if fun. We challenge your children's fitness with games like mushroom ball, plank wars, and pizza tag. We are committed to a positive and encouraging training environment. 

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Our athletes are passionate about CrossFit, but they also are passionate about soccer, swimming, lacrosse, theater and even Mario Kart. Whether you are seeking off-season conditioning, year-round fitness, or a way to supplement single-sport training, you'll find the solution as part of our classes.

CrossFit Kids Chickasaw Athletes


Leading the positive and encouraging environment are coaches with certifications in CrossFit and CrossFit Kids.

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East Memphis Location

Our gym is between downtown Memphis and Germantown on Poplar Avenue. It is adjacent to the city's premier STEM high school and our main library. 


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